Today I added a bunch of Meyers patterns, but not all. Hope to continue tomorrow until they are all restored, and will then work on the Erikas.

You can tell that a download link has restored because the “Buy Now” buttons now show the logos of the major credit cards, unlike before, where they only showed “Buy Now”.

Meanwhile, I keep forgetting to mention:

1) Started a new Yahoo group on Niebling to make it easier for folks to discuss the topic… but so far the group is pretty quiet… am hoping it’s because folks prefer to look at pictures instead (like me..). There is a button to join on the left side bar of this blog, but it’s pretty far down so:

Click to join Herbert_Niebling_Adaptations

Click to join Herbert_Niebling_Adaptations

2) Got a bit sidetracked with the Glockenblume blanket, but perhaps it’s a good thing… will explain later (suspense…. suspense…)