Won’t post a photo yet because the “incompleteness” of the border is quite maddening. Turns out the border I planned would require THREE additional skeins of yarn, even though the main pattern only requires ONE! Also, I forgot that I did not finish editing the pattern and accidentally knitted a border that requires only TWO additional skeins — I only had 2 skeins (267 yards each) to begin with, so another week of waiting.

Meanwhile, it turns out that one reason I like the Glockenblume pattern so much is that it reminds me of two other small Niebling patterns, “Kleeblatt” and a no name one that I found in two different magazines. Am including the pictures here, but to purchase them, look for their names at left under Mallins and Vobach.

Vobach 401-12

Kleeblatt – Smaller Square

Kleeblatt – Larger Square

Kleeblatt – Oval

Also, some years ago I had someone test knit one of them in wool yarn… putting several of them together would have made a lovely scarf… will be posting pics of the scarves I make using yarn I already have.

Kleeblatt – Larger Doily Test Knitted in Wool — Several joined together would make a nice scarf; two joined together would make a nice purse.