Hi All,

Just posted the page for the pattern below.


The reason this post is entitled “…Part 1” is that I have also been working on a smaller, triangular version of the pattern for use as a shawl. I did not finish yet because the adaptation turns out to be a bit more detailed than I thought it would be. So, stay tuned… By Monday I hope to post a pic of the adaptation as well as the pattern itself. In other words, the full pattern can only be used to knit a triangle only after a couple of rather tricky modifications.

Almost forgot, the materials required given in the original instructions are less than helpful in that (1) No size is given for the “Art Silk” to be used; and (2) the needle size is given as “Nr. 0”, which I translate as US Size 6-0! My guess is that on US Size 3 needles, the yarn required would be 750-1000 yards. By knitting the smaller triangle and doing some geometric calculations, I should be able to come up with a better estimate.

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Happy Knitting!