Had just finished charting a 3-repeat version of Chrysantheme in order to make a triangular shawl when Ilgen sent me pics of her Sechsstern (6 Repeats of the Chrysantheme motif) and her reconstruction of Christa (8 repeats of the Chrysantheme motif).

Sechsstern 31.12.2007Ilgen Matthias’ Sechsstern

Ilgen's SechssternIlgen’s Sechsstern Minus Rounds 283-311

Christa ReconstructionIlgen’s Reconstruction of Christa

Beyer Strickschrift Photo of ChristaBeyer Strickschrift Photo of Christa

So with Ilgen’s lovely pictures, a copy of a Beyer Strickschrift that she also sent me, and a chart that I forgot I had in a Labores Beyer Nr. 10 (in which the pattern name is “Victoria”), I thought recharting the pattern would go quickly… Wrong! Although, a lot of time was spent Photoshopping in the cropped out border parts on one of Ilgen’s photos, it turns out that the way the chart divided out I needed several graphics to fill out huge blank spaces on some of the chart pages — which graphics gave me ideas for additional adaptations of the motif:

Secchstern Rounds 1-139

Secchstern Rounds 1-139 – Nice Baby Blanket Or Pillow Cover

Of course, folding the baby blanket in half would make a nice wide bottom purse:

Sechsstern Rounds 1-139 - As Wide Bottom Purse

Sechsstern Rounds 1-139 – As Wide Bottom Purse

When the above graphic is rotated 180 degrees, the resulting pattern can be used as a narrow bottom purse. But requires two 3-repeats pieces would have to be sewn together on 3 sides, and more importantly, the pattern has to be modified in a manner similar to the way that the pattern has to be modified for a triangular shawl. That is, the pattern would start with the 3 center leaves, but the second ring of leaves is worked such that a pair of leaves is created to the right of the center leaf. One of the pair has to be moved to the other side of the center leaf.

Am having too much computer problems right now, so below is the link to the page containing the purchase button for the Sechsstern Pattern.

Details on the Triangular Shawl to come.