Dutch Niebling III - Round Tablecloth In Knitted Lace - Designed By Herbert Niebling

This pattern was found in the Dutch language magazine Creatief Zijn Nr. 42 but I cannot track down the date and publisher, although in the past I was able to find more information which I probably saved to a now lost flash drive. It is hard to argue that the pattern is not a Niebling, especially since I recently recharted or considered recharting about four or five designs with similar or identical elements (not published yet because haven’t decided between silk and angora yarn to use). The main and flower motif is especially nice because it is a bit different:

Dutch Niebling III  - Isolated Motif

In order to use the motif is something or other, I have isolated the motif and want to come up with something other than the obvious hand bag…Stay Tuned.

The center motif would also be nice for a doily beret, the double yarn overs perhaps being tightened up a bit…

Dutch Niebling III - Center Motif

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Happy Knitting!