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The French/Belgian magazine Femmes D’Aujourd’Hui (Woman of Today) was quite pleased to publish this pattern:

“Peut-on trouver un autre terme pour qualifier la beauté, la grâce et la finesse de ce ravissant ouvrage, réalisé en dentelle aux aiguilles? Sur un fond délicatement ajouré, de grosses fleurs exécutées en trés fin tricot forment une ronde tout autour du cercle central, en forme d’étoile et qui constitue, à lui seul, un joli modèle de napperon.

L’ouvrage mesure environ 1 m. 55 de diamètre, excellente dimension pour une nappe à thé ou une nappe de fête pour un petit diner intime, aux chandelles.”

Which translates to:

“Can we find another term to describe the beauty, grace and finesse of this beautiful book, made of needle lace? On a delicately openwork background, large flowers executed in very fine knit form a round all around the central circle, shaped like a star and which, on its own, constitutes a pretty model of a doily. The work measures approximately 1 m. 55 in diameter, excellent size for a tea tablecloth or party tablecloth for a small intimate dinner by candlelight.”

The construction is somewhat unusual for a Niebling in that the center is knitted from the outside in! But first the surrounding motifs are knitted and joined by knitting them together instead of sewing or grafting them. The center is then begun by picking up the 680 stitches from the inner edges of the joined motifs.

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