Originally named simply “Napperon Carre” or “Square Doily”

This is one of several patterns discovered in 2006 on a website called “picasaweb.google.com/tricotpassion”. The site no longer exists although it might be visible via archive.org. Also, the patterns might have been originally published by some predecessor of, Hachette Canada, that currently publishes a knitting magazine titled “Tricot Passion”. The patterns are all in French, with some being charted.

None of the patterns show a source nor designer, the latter probably being early Niebling; and have not been able to find photos on the web for most of them, except for one or two. In the next few days will publish my rechart of one more that I especially like and haven’t seen anywhere else. These two recharts are basically to prevent them from getting lost in the dust bin of history.

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