Tulipier (Tulip Tree)

As can be seen from the above photo, the blossom part of “tulips” seem to be knitted in the hex mesh pattern. However, the sequence of stitches used to create the pattern is decidedly different from that which appears in all Niebling patterns that I know of. This pattern is from Le Tricot d’Art – Album 1 – Model 12, but the designer’s name is not given, and he or she is definitely not Herbert Niebling. Forgot to make a screenshot of my rechart to show that the sequences of yarn over twice, skp twice can be seen. In other words, the k2tog is completely omitted from the hex mesh part of the pattern. In addition, at the time of publication, there may have been some anti German sentiment as reflected in the fact that the knit 1, and yarn over symbols are reversed (which makes reading the original chart much fun). Also, the sk2p symbol looks like the increase 1 to 3 symbol. The skp and k2tog symbols at least slant in the appropriate direction. The knit 1 through back loop symbol is never used. Towards the end of the pattern, I incorporated the knit 1 in running thread symbol to make increases so that the stitch count matches that of the border. There was no indication of how to do this in the original instructions except to say “make an increase”. Fortunately, there were no errors in the original chart, as reflected in the stitch counts in my rechart. As for the publisher, V. Ritzenthaler, in Mulhouse-Dornach, France, they published at least 4 “Albums” which are very difficult to find, but am on the lookout, of course!

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