4 Pattern Repeats – Originally Published In Beyer Band, 228: Kunststricken: 36 Decken in verschiedenen Größen
6 Pattern Repeats – Originally Published In Beyers Bunte Reihe, Band 2036/Kunststricken II – Picture 8

Wasn’t aware of the 6 repeat version of this pattern until I discovered it in its source magazine. Was planning on using the 4 repeat version in a collection of small doilies that I am working on, and trying to prevent from growing too large! There are 13 or 14 small doilies in it so far. Am also having fun with Size 1.25 mm (US Size 4-0) needles, one of which I keep dropping and have somehow hidden from myself, and so have to order another set. Turns out Wilhelmine has too many rounds for the small doily collection, and can’t be turned into a doily beret as can be done with many patterns with more than 30 rounds. Will post about my progress and adventures with the small doily collection in the coming days.

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The first pattern is one of two that I literally forgot I had!!! The other one I forgot is Steinrose, which hopefully will get published in the coming months. The Star Flower is part of my baby blanket series, and is the least interesting one, but is still pretty interesting in that it begs to be knitted with different colors. I just can’t decide on a specific combination for more than five minutes. I did not include instructions for borders worked in i-cord or picot hem bind off. However, am sure there are plenty of resources on the interweb.

Tablecloth in edited photo knitted by RavelryID Ulla777

Photo From Original Publication:

Verlag fuer die Frau – Kunststrick-Muster Best. Nr. 1503

Strahlenblume – Center

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Star Flower

Name “Star Flower” given by blog author”. Originally publishes in Verlag fuer die Frau – Bestell Nr. 814 Kunststricken – Page 9

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This is the only other pattern from the (defunct) Tricot Passion website that I have not seen anywhere else. Judging from the key to symbols, it may have been published in Femmes d’Aujourd’hui but have no idea what the issue number might be. The pattern might make a nice pullover blouse, but so many patterns so little time! ;-) Meanwhile, below is a Photoshop edit of the original photo for further inspiration, for perhaps a curtain.

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Modification For Baby Blanket With I-Cord Bind Off

Original Design

This is another pattern that I haven’t seen anywhere else. It was written out in Dutch. Didn’t take long to knit the baby blanket, maybe 12-14 hours, because of trying out different needle sizes for the i-cord. Ended up using a US Size 00 (1.5 mm) sock needle for the i-cord even though the blanket itself (cotton bamboo blend) was knitted on US Size 3 (3.0 mm) which is slipped to a Size US Size 2 (2.75 mm) needle because the tip was smaller. The beginning and end of the i-cord were grafted together. As an alternative, the border can be bound off with a picot edge, or worked in stockinette with a hem created by repeating “yo, k2” to form the fold line and a slight picot edge. Also, forgot to include in the instructions that the adjacent leaves pucker up while knitting but flatten out after washing and blocking.

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Originally named simply “Napperon Carre” or “Square Doily”

This is one of several patterns discovered in 2006 on a website called “picasaweb.google.com/tricotpassion”. The site no longer exists although it might be visible via archive.org. Also, the patterns might have been originally published by some predecessor of, Hachette Canada, that currently publishes a knitting magazine titled “Tricot Passion”. The patterns are all in French, with some being charted.

None of the patterns show a source nor designer, the latter probably being early Niebling; and have not been able to find photos on the web for most of them, except for one or two. In the next few days will publish my rechart of one more that I especially like and haven’t seen anywhere else. These two recharts are basically to prevent them from getting lost in the dust bin of history.

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Vest Perhaps?

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My photo of page in original copy of Ullstein Handarbeitsbuecher Band 16 – Kunststricken- Picture 49 – Because I only have a photocopy of Ullstein Band 2 – Das Stricken – Where it was first published in 1922
My Test Knit – Using Size 2 Needles and Size 10 Thread – Measures 33 in (82.5 cm) square

Long neglected recharting this pattern originally published in 1922 because I didn’t look carefully at the original chart after being scared off by the Key To Symbols, as shown below:

Key To Symbols from Ullstein Handarbeitsbucher Band 16 – Kunststricken

The symbols may have deterred others from republishing it in either written or charted form, or from reconstructing it by just looking at it. In the case of just looking at it, there are wrong side decreases on two alternate rounds which may have presented challenges to reconstructing it using all knit alternate rounds. In addition to occasional decreases on the alternate rounds, the double, triple and quadruple yarn overs on the pattern rounds are all knitted through the back loops on the alternate rounds. Finally, I had to rip back twice, something I almost never do, because my ADD allowed me to forget to yarn over at the corners while knitting the all purl rounds that separate the “center” from the “border”. So you’ve been warned! ;-)

Finally, finally, below is a picture of what the pattern might look like as a bed jacket, each half knitted six times per round instead of 4, and assuming the bind off rounds are not stretched at the back and shoulder seams but instead grafted together:

Just A Thought…

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The center wants to become a doily beret (in kid mohair and silk) or holiday ornament. Will be searching for a border other than plain hex mesh.

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In a day or so will post 1 new pattern (Fruhling – Smaller Version), but will start in January 2022 with holiday ideas because I had so many choices I got a bit overwhelmed. If I start in January maybe I’ll get them all done in time for the next winter holidays…

The Lyra Update includes instructions for the edging. It has been sent to all previous purchases and will be included in all subsequent purchases.

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Happy Holidays to All!


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