Am so glad I discovered a crochet stitch called camel stitch before I tried this pattern. It is essentially working a single crochet into the “bump” behind and between the top back strands of two single crochet stitches. There are plenty of videos on the web. Still haven’t done the written instructions and have to prettify the layout a little more. Hope to be done sometime tomorrow (Sunday, 3/3).

Only used Photoshop to erase the loose ends I always hate burying. Next will be a photo of the reknit single color one with an I-cord edging. The charted instructions are done, the written ones are next.

Note that this pattern is made easier by knitting backwards to avoid turning while working the extension. It is finished by crocheting backwards for the second round being the lovely crab stitch.

Stay tuned…

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The final edit of the instructions took longer than anticipated, and of course the photos will be replaced since the two panels shown were the first actual tests of a no sew/no graft method for joining the motifs.  Would also like to use actual different colors of thread instead of painting them with Photoshop.  That choice will be made in the next few days.

Finally, the motif is my modification of the center of a Niebling doily found in Lavori Artistici A Calza Nr. 11, Model 66.  There are several other small square Nieblings that I test knitted over the years, and are suitable for similar adaptations.  Perhaps each one will be published on a monthly basis, in part because there are so many other patterns that will distract me from sticking to one topic.  One of the topics is related, as will be seen when I publish the group that for now I am calling “Hannelore And Her Sisters”.  In fact, this post is a call for test knitters for the project. Will also post about it in the coming weeks.

(Updated photo)
This not Niebling jumped ahead of the queue obviously because of the upcoming holiday, and because it deserves to not end up in the dust bin of history. As a relatively quick gift (about 8 hours to make) it would easily work on a pillow, tote bag, or T shirt, just for starters.

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In addition, a few even smaller patterns are probably next. Am trying to choose a final one to round out the group, all of which are small enough to fit on a greeting card, be used as Christmas tree decorations, or even necklaces. Stay tuned!

An Old Favorite: Sabine

Charted this in 2009…

Will be publishing others in the coming days that will also be discounted.

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This can be made smaller by omitting the 2nd set of flowers. Details on purchase info page Here.

(Or Stuff I forgot I Charted)

Another Efeu

This is a group containing one oval and two round doilies, plus an adaptation I never got around to except in Photoshop:

Original Oval Doily

Original Small Doily

Large Doily = Oval Without Extensions

Oval As Tunic

Above Photoshop edit shows oval doily with center 4 leaves omitted and extensions worked on all four sides, then folded.

For purchase info Click Here.

The test knitter’s photo shows surprising detail that isn’t visible in the original. For purchase info Click Here

Will also see if there is a clear way to make into a triangular shawl, as with Viktoria-Aster:

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Viktoria Aster - Undistorted.jpg

The above pattern from 1938 could be said to be a “study” for more elaborate designs to come. It will be half price today (12/31/18) only. For more details Click Here.

Below are 2 pics of an adaptation made from the pattern featured in the original post. The adaptation will be for sale in early January because I need better photos, and would also like to try it in a different yarn, like mohair. Worsted weight cotton and Size 8 needles were used. If interested in this adaptation leave a comment below.

Hi All,
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Also, a new recharted and written pattern is now available. For price and other details click the link below the picture.Beyer-Band-2077-1-e-junkie.jpg

Beyer 2077-1 Oval Doily

Happy Holidays, and Knitting!

Hi All,

In order to receive discount, always use the “Add To Cart” button, even if purchasing only 1 item.

Happy Summer, and Knitting!

Hi All,

In order to receive discount, always use the “Add To Cart” button, even if purchasing only 1 item.

Happy Holidays, and Knitting!


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