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Cover – Model 57 is my Photoshop Reconstruction

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Happy Knitting!

Large Oval Doily In Knitted Lace – Designed By Herbert Niebling
(Beyer Strickschrift 71225-VIII)

Knitted By Betty Eng

Knitted By Betty Eng

The photo above is from the test knitter, and is included in the instructions. For Materials Required and Purchase info, Click Here. A black and white version of Betty’s photo was used to minimize size of the PDF. Happily, below are photos recently sent by Olga K from Russia. Olga’s cloth is 205 by 160 cm; Betty’s is 88 x 174 inches:

Olga K - Eleonore 1.jpg

Olga K - Eleonore 2.jpg

Olga K - Eleonore 3.jpg

Olga K - Eleonore 4.jpg


Just to let you know I got around to uploading the pdf’s to e-junkie (USD 8.00)

(Beyer Strickschrift 71221V – Knitted By Betty Eng)

Instant Download PDF – US Letter Paper Size

Instant Download PDF – A4 (European) Paper Size

As for the Glockenblume Baby Blankets and Lace Diamond Sampler Berets… Am working on them but one of my laptops died… so it’s slowed me down a bit.


Would love see FO’s of these…(see sidebar at left)

There’s a few more things to be added, like “Joy”, “Dutch Niebling I”, “French Niebling”, “Herfst Fantasie”, the A4 paper sizes for the Erikas booklets. Meanwhile, to see what I’m referring to, you can wander among the sets at:

My Sets On Flickr

But will be off line tomorrow celebrating family birthdays (mine, a brother, two nephews… so comments will be responded to on Sunday… or Monday — not too sure how “partied out” I’ll be).


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