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I suppose that a design for a lace cardigan which can be knitted or crocheted in any weight yarn, on small to large size needles or hooks, is not just for “skinny” people, is a great alternative to a shawl, has zillions of variations, and employs a deceptively simple construction method would indeed present unusual marketing issues. So, I’ll spare everyone further whining and just say that I need encouragement of some sort, especially since: a) it is past the “knitting Christmas presents” season (but I suppose the pattern and yarn would make a nice gift); and b) the photos I have are only of the original three prototypes which require minor modifications to the edging, plus one test knit model that is not shown on a person (I don’t have any photos developed of the latest Model F version of the cardigan that I myself knitted, being modeled by a person, and with full length sleeves). In brief, my hope is that after three years of “sitting on” this design, somehow, someway it can get out into the knitting world and make lots of folks look very elegant…

Below are pics of the very first one I did… the neckline is a bit too wide, unless… ruffles are added, and/or it is worn as evening wear in silk chenille, or as new mom bed jacket. For the second version, I narrowed the neckline (see below).

Erikas 601 - Model F - Wide V Neck - Front
Erikas 601 – Model F – Wide V Neck – Front

Erikas 601- Model C - Wide V Neck - Back
Erikas 601 – Model F – Wide V Neck – Back

Below are pics of the second one (Narrow V-Neck Version):

Erikas 601 - Model F - Narrow V Neck - Front
Erikas 601 – Model F – Narrow V Neck Version – Front

Erikas 601- Model F - Narrow V Neck - Back
Erikas 601 – Model F – Narrow V Neck – Back

The pics below are the third version, based on Model C of the Erikas 601 pattern. The only difference from the Model F is that the center leaf is larger. It takes about 1,250 yards, whereas the Model F only requires 750 yards for 3/4 length sleeves.

Erikas 601 - Model C - Manifold Cardigan - Shoulder Seams Along Shoulder
Erikas 601 – Model C – Front

Erikas 601 - Model C - Manifold Cardigan - Back On Kila
Erikas 601 – Model C – Back

Knitted By Daisykitten - After Assembly 1
Erikas 601 – Model F – Test Knitted By DaisyKitten

Also, for doily sweaters knitted or designed by my lace knitting colleagues, check out the links to Fleegle and Nazee under “BLOGROLL” at above left.

Note Regarding GAUGE: To determine the precise gauge when not knitting on Size 8 or 7 needles, you will have to knit either a doily beret or pillow, and then measure the diameter. The instructions for working the brim of the beret, or the back side of the pillow will be included. Also, this pattern requires grafting… it really is not hard to do, and instructions are included. [Update: Perhaps only knitting 4 repeats would give correct gauge, the result could perhaps be worn as an “elf” hat…]

The pattern will cost USD 10.00, in part because it contains instructions for 3 versions of the cardigan with modifications for three different bust sizes, and free updates will be available for variations of the border and sleeves.

If you want to purchase this pattern, pathetic photos and all, email me at “”. I will then send you a PayPal invoice, and upon payment will email you the pdf.


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