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Round Doily In Knitted Lace By Herbert Niebling

Dahlie - Elsa 3301Knitted By Franciska Ruessink

The pattern is 81 rounds; and my test knitter is very fast, so you’ll have to take your chances in terms of finishing before the big day… I’ll spare you the details of why I did not publish Dahlie sooner, except to say I’m knitting another slightly larger doily myself, and thought I’d be finished by now… but when I do finish, I’ll explain why it took longer than I thought it would.

Note that Niebling used the name "Dahlie" at least three times! The instructions for this doily were published in 1952; a completely different pattern appears in Burda Special E 903. The third pattern will be revealed with the photos of the adaptation that I made from it… (tease… tease… Remind me to put a link to the photos here when I place the photos on their own page).

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