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“Filigrane” (“Filigree”)

The original instructions call for Size 20 crochet thread, and needles “Size 2” which in my instructions I translate to 1.25 mm or US Size 0000. Have knitted with Size 000, so am hoping my guesstimate is correct. Also, I imagine this doily would look great in 2, 3 or even 4 colors. BTW, couldn’t find this pattern on Ravelry. The source is Beyer’s Handarbeitsblätter – Kunststricken – Blatt 305. Am glad a friend sent it to me more than a decade ago.

Finally, have retrieved a bunch of magazines from storage, so more will get published between my design adaptation efforts. 

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Based on the motif from Stained Glass 1 (now renamed “Blümchen” (“Flowers”)), this is the first of further explorations, to be interrupted on occasion, of course, by recharts of conventional Nieblings.

Worked in bulky weight wool and mohair roving

The challenge with this version has been what method to use to join the shoulders and sides. Have skipped the obvious three needle bind off in favor of two of three methods of grafting. The first method, worked on the turquoise sweater, was to graft together the alternate/all knit rounds. This method leaves a rather obvious plain third row of stitches in between. The row could perhaps be made less obvious by pulling them tighter. The second method involves grafting pattern rounds, as shown in the brown sweater. The grafted yarn overs would look better using the third method of grafting in the small leaf pattern to an all knit round. The result would be almost undetectable, but that will be for another project to come involving one large, and several small squares. A photo of that project is shown under “In the Pipeline”. The results of the first two methods are shown below.

Note that I have only actually knitted Size Medium. If anyone wants to test knit Sizes Small and Large, email me at For Dimensions, Materials Required, and purchase info click here.


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