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4 Pattern Repeats – Originally Published In Beyer Band, 228: Kunststricken: 36 Decken in verschiedenen Größen
6 Pattern Repeats – Originally Published In Beyers Bunte Reihe, Band 2036/Kunststricken II – Picture 8

Wasn’t aware of the 6 repeat version of this pattern until I discovered it in its source magazine. Was planning on using the 4 repeat version in a collection of small doilies that I am working on, and trying to prevent from growing too large! There are 13 or 14 small doilies in it so far. Am also having fun with Size 1.25 mm (US Size 4-0) needles, one of which I keep dropping and have somehow hidden from myself, and so have to order another set. Turns out Wilhelmine has too many rounds for the small doily collection, and can’t be turned into a doily beret as can be done with many patterns with more than 30 rounds. Will post about my progress and adventures with the small doily collection in the coming days.

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The first pattern is one of two that I literally forgot I had!!! The other one I forgot is Steinrose, which hopefully will get published in the coming months. The Star Flower is part of my baby blanket series, and is the least interesting one, but is still pretty interesting in that it begs to be knitted with different colors. I just can’t decide on a specific combination for more than five minutes. I did not include instructions for borders worked in i-cord or picot hem bind off. However, am sure there are plenty of resources on the interweb.

Tablecloth in edited photo knitted by RavelryID Ulla777

Photo From Original Publication:

Verlag fuer die Frau – Kunststrick-Muster Best. Nr. 1503

Strahlenblume – Center

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Star Flower

Name “Star Flower” given by blog author”. Originally publishes in Verlag fuer die Frau – Bestell Nr. 814 Kunststricken – Page 9

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