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December 20th, 1903 Herbert Niebling was born

Happy Holidays, and Knitting Everyone! Will hopefully make a few more posts between now and when the sale ends.

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Tablecloth In Above Photo Knitted By Ulla777 (Ravelry ID)

Ignored this pattern for the longest but the more I look at it the more I like it. Apologies for taking so long to get around to it! ;-)

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Still overwhelmed but hopefully will introduce new designs some time this month. Meanwhile enjoy the sale and remember to use the Add To Cart button even if only purchasing 1 item.

Happy Knitting!

Although charts are included as usual, the written instructions make these patterns accessible to those who prefer them to charts.

The dimensions of the Triangle are so small because it was intended as a gauge swatch for a woman’s top, to be revealed with this version of Hannelore on one side and on the other side a hex mesh ground around the flower, from a pattern called Falcon.

Also included are instructions to extend the rectangle to make a stole (not shown).

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Lavori Artistici A Calza Nr. 5 – Fig. 35 – Oval Doily

Someone recently asked me for this pattern. I thought it might be a quick rechart. It was — because I completely forgot that I did it in 2011!

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Before I spend too much time wondering what else could be done with the pattern, I think I’ll go back to getting uploaded at least some of the patterns from my previous post.

Hoping your Turkey Day was a happy one!

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Below are some of the new items that will be added in the coming days.

Was a quick rechart except at Rounds 45 and 47 where I had to triple check. For purchase info Click here.

From Beyer Band 711 – Kunststrickerei (Cover)

From Anna Spass mit Handarbeiten – January 2005

The simple repetitiveness of this pattern makes it great for talking while knitting. ;-) It might also work as a Christmas tree skirt that is slipped on from the bottom of the tree because it doesn’t have a seam. For purchase info Click Here.

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