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Happy Holidays to All!

Four errors or unanticipated things discovered while knitting this as a gift:

1. On Cover Pages – Charted – 3 of 3 (at lower right corner of page): Page heading reading “CHARTED INSTRUCTIONS – CIRCULAR*: 3. SHAWL WITH SPLIT FRONT, AND 4. COAT” should read “CHARTED INSTRUCTIONS – CIRCULAR*: 5. SHAWL WITH SPLIT FRONT, AND 6. COAT”

2. The instructions to work Row 100 are given after the instructions say to knit to Row 100. The stitches for the sleeve are slipped to a holding thread on this row, kind of annoying to find out at the end of the Row.

3. Below is a photo of one of the underarms where an unexpected gap developed at the underarm where the sleeve joins the body of the coat. I ended up grafting together two stitches from the body to two stitches from the sleeve. (Didn’t get around to taking a photo of the result but it can be partially seen in the profile photo of the coat further below.) The instructions will contain an addendum to knit together the corresponding stitches from the body to the sleeve rather than grafting them.

4. The armhole depth is the same proportion as in the “virtual knit” photo of the original instructions. Although the depth is similar to that of many kimonos, some might like it to be shorter. Thus, will resend modified instructions with armhole shortened by 8 or 12 rows, and will test knit a second gift with the shortened armhole and will post it on this page as an update.

Fingering weight linen on US Size 2 (2.75 mm) needles.

The hands are not visible because cheap mannequins have short arms.

With a pin

Slight Profile to Show Underarm

Yes, that a long curtain rod used to extend sleeves.

The sleeve linings are expanded by slipping a t-shirt onto each shoulder.


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