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Was persuaded to rechart Pfingstrose. So here it is, for purchase info Click Here

Knitted By Shari Morrow

Monika is a long admired simple square that I only recently acquired, and started experimenting with. Below is the original pattern.

I then undistorted it in Photoshop.

I then got a pleasant surprise when I tiled the photo, but remember, grafting the edges together will probably make a slightly visible line.

The first experiment was inspired by a very similar pattern found in Verlag fuer die Frau’s "Kunststricken" Band 720, Model 6, shown in the photo below.

The experiment was to move the center outer leaf of Monika to the corresponding position in the above pattern, and to knit the pattern as a rectangle. The results are shown in the photo below.

The hex mesh is too crowded around the moved leaf, so will try again. But first, I may knit the pattern as a square, and of course will come up with a way of fiddling even with that! For example, I may try an i-cord bind off and see what happens going around the corners. Meantime, this last messy Photoshop modification shows what the pattern would look like using different colors.

If enough people pester me, I will publish only the original square, with instructions on how to make it into a rectangle. To "officially" pester me, email me at


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