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Meyers Sonderheft 136 Model 38 Oval Doily - Size 20 Thread

Meyers Sonderheft 136 Model 38 Oval Doily – Size 20 Thread

Meyers 138-38 - Size 10 Thread

Meyers 138-38 – Size 10 Thread

Not sure why this pattern talked me into making it — twice. A photo was in my Flickr album, and someone asked me for the pattern. So I went back to look at and discovered that the instructions were a headache in that they called for using 11 markers, one for almost each pattern repeat of the border. There was also an error in the stitch count for the border… blah, blah, blah. The one thing that the pattern taught me is to never again underestimate how long it takes to add a three leaf border to a pattern, that is compared to the oval center. The final item of slight interest is that the original instructions call for knitting the doily without ever breaking the thread except at the very end. But I don’t like that method because it calls for an incomplete pickup round (explained in the pattern), so I changed it in the instructions, and added the original method on a separate page.

Am hoping to come up with much more interesting small patterns soon, and also to getting around to adding some more pattern in German. Meanwhile, for pattern details Click Here.


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