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An Old Favorite: Sabine

Charted this in 2009…

Will be publishing others in the coming days that will also be discounted.

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This can be made smaller by omitting the 2nd set of flowers. Details on purchase info page Here.

(Or Stuff I forgot I Charted)

Another Efeu

This is a group containing one oval and two round doilies, plus an adaptation I never got around to except in Photoshop:

Original Oval Doily

Original Small Doily

Large Doily = Oval Without Extensions

Oval As Tunic

Above Photoshop edit shows oval doily with center 4 leaves omitted and extensions worked on all four sides, then folded.

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The test knitter’s photo shows surprising detail that isn’t visible in the original. For purchase info Click Here

Will also see if there is a clear way to make into a triangular shawl, as with Viktoria-Aster:

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