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Happy Knitting!

My photo of page in original copy of Ullstein Handarbeitsbuecher Band 16 – Kunststricken- Picture 49 – Because I only have a photocopy of Ullstein Band 2 – Das Stricken – Where it was first published in 1922
My Test Knit – Using Size 2 Needles and Size 10 Thread – Measures 33 in (82.5 cm) square

Long neglected recharting this pattern originally published in 1922 because I didn’t look carefully at the original chart after being scared off by the Key To Symbols, as shown below:

Key To Symbols from Ullstein Handarbeitsbucher Band 16 – Kunststricken

The symbols may have deterred others from republishing it in either written or charted form, or from reconstructing it by just looking at it. In the case of just looking at it, there are wrong side decreases on two alternate rounds which may have presented challenges to reconstructing it using all knit alternate rounds. In addition to occasional decreases on the alternate rounds, the double, triple and quadruple yarn overs on the pattern rounds are all knitted through the back loops on the alternate rounds. Finally, I had to rip back twice, something I almost never do, because my ADD allowed me to forget to yarn over at the corners while knitting the all purl rounds that separate the “center” from the “border”. So you’ve been warned! ;-)

Finally, finally, below is a picture of what the pattern might look like as a bed jacket, each half knitted six times per round instead of 4, and assuming the bind off rounds are not stretched at the back and shoulder seams but instead grafted together:

Just A Thought…

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