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For comparison, here are Dorle and Fruhling:



Meanwhile, the pattern is relatively simple except for some small variations near the end. For purchase details Click Here

Happy Knitting!

Hi All,

So many patterns… and yarns, so little time. Got sidetracked from my current project by the two patterns below, Julia and Grace.

Julia with crochet chain loops

Julia with crochet chain loops

For details Click Here.

The Julia above was knitted by me in a very uneven 14/2’s linen. Below is the photo from the original instructions.

Julia - Original PhotoOriginal Photo of Julia

I also knitted Julia with an I-cord bind-off, but it came out really uneven because of the unevenness of the yarn.

Julia with I-cord

The pattern below, Grace, was knitted with Size 50 yarn.

For details Click Here.

Finally, the Meyers 136-38 (Simple Oval) shown below distracted me because it wanted me to knit it in color (which I didn’t because I couldn’t choose a scheme). It let me know later than it would like to be a lamp shade or flower basket.

There might be one more pattern by the Austrian publisher, but I will try to return to the previous project… which is already evolving into a bunch of other things… Stay tuned.



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