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Niebling used the name “Narzisse” at least three times: in 1937, 1948, and this one in1960 — by far the prettiest! Also, if anyone had asked me if Niebling ever used the left twist stitch, I would have sworn up and down that he didn’t, even though I haven’t recharted all of them! ;-) And now I’m wondering what other Niebling patterns contain left twists — actually, I have one in mind, but more about that later. In any case, would love to hear from anyone who knows of any…

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Initially this pattern was to be republished as a reconstruction by Franciska Ruessink, but after finishing her chart she found an original and sent it to me because she was somewhat unhappy with the differences between her reconstruction and the original instructions. Below is Franciska’s reconstruction.


The differences between the above photos are virtually invisible, except for Franciska’s superior blocking… However, there are significant differences between the original chart and Franciska’s… which is actually a tribute to Franciska’s skill in her reconstruction, as well as in blocking the cloth…

Finally, below are photos with watermark filters applied showing only the first ring of flowers (to Round 141), and the center before the first flowers (to Round 99). As for the borders of either smaller version, am not sure what could be done.

narzisse-original-photo-first-flower-ring-watermarkTo Round 141, possibly with some small changes.

narzisse-original-photo-center-watermarkTo Round 99 – Might be nice baby blanket or doily beret.

Hope to have at least one more pattern available for the holidays – Happy Knitting!



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