Spiral Ferns Round Tablecloth In Knitted Lace Designed By Herbert NieblingSpiral Ferns – Tablecloth

Was thinking how variegated yarn would work well with this pattern for a shawl… and then of course the pattern “insinuated itself into other beings” ;=)

Elsa 1061-64 - poncho1Where to start the neckline on this poncho…

Elsa 1061-64 - watermark circular2Circular Baby Blanket maybe!

Elsa 1061-64 - watermark semi-circ topAn invisible on this purse…

As for the sizes other than tablecloth, there were no photos in the original instructions but they do provide the ending round numbers before the border.

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Dutch Niebling III - Round Tablecloth In Knitted Lace - Designed By Herbert Niebling

This pattern was found in the Dutch language magazine Creatief Zijn Nr. 42 but I cannot track down the date and publisher, although in the past I was able to find more information which I probably saved to a now lost flash drive. It is hard to argue that the pattern is not a Niebling, especially since I recently recharted or considered recharting about four or five designs with similar or identical elements (not published yet because haven’t decided between silk and angora yarn to use). The main and flower motif is especially nice because it is a bit different:

Dutch Niebling III  - Isolated Motif

In order to use the motif is something or other, I have isolated the motif and want to come up with something other than the obvious hand bag…Stay Tuned.

The center motif would also be nice for a doily beret, the double yarn overs perhaps being tightened up a bit…

Dutch Niebling III - Center Motif

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Happy Knitting!

Steingarten - Round Tablecloth In Knitted Lace - Designed By Herbert Niebling - Knitted By Ulla 777Knitted by Ulla 777

Photo From Original Publication (Repaired) Photo From Original Publication (Repaired)

Steingarten - Nupps Ulla 777 -2 Close up of Section With Nupps Knitted By Ulla 777

Test Swatch of 1 Set of Nupps Knitted By Doilyhead Test Swatch of 1 Set of Nupps Knitted By Doilyhead

Nupps aren't the only thing that makes this pattern textured, all of the small leaves, and some of the large leaves are composed of right-twisted stitches! This being extra work, I tend to prefer Barbara Walker's method of "Knit 2 together, knit the 1st stitch again, drop both from left needle", as opposed to the Niebling usual "Knit 2nd stitch, knit 1st stitch, drop both from left needle". Walker invented the method because the twisted stitch stand out more, and I like it because it is easier to knit.

As for the nupps, after translating the original instructions, which read:

Noppe = Man zieht den Faden 3 Mal liefer hindurch, legt die Schlinge auf die linke Nadel und strickt diese rechts ab. In gleicher Weise wiederholt man nach 4 mal. Dann strickt diese 5 Masche mit der N bezeichneten Masche rechts zusammen.

I did a test swatch and discovered that since the thread is drawn multiple times through the same stitches, it is easier to draw the thread under the strand between the stitches rather than through the center of the stitch((es) in the round(s) below.

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Always thought the doily shown below was a little odd, even though it is from the same magazine as Maria. However, I finally noticed that it is a further enhancement of the border of Maria… so Niebling was just being his creative self! For purchase info for the Maria tablecloth, Click Here.

Hopefully the Holiday Ornaments project will be resumed shortly…stay tuned…

Niebling On Drugs - Adalbert- Beyer Band 2007 - Page 12 - Chart 37Niebling on Drugs(?)

Nadelblatt Knitted by Ulla777

Got sidetracked, as usual… Decided it isn’t my A-D-D, but rather so many lovely patterns (and yarns/threads), so little time! ;-) And that fact that because this pattern is highly repetitive, I recharted it in a little more than one sitting. On top of that the Holiday Ornaments project is threatening to turn into an e-book, perhaps. More on that later, but so far it’s been fun, and as a hint, my Size 6-0 needles are due to arrive any day now! Meantime, enjoy the pics of Nadelblatt at least, and note that there might be one more highly repetitive pattern before the next post about the ornaments…

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Nadelblatt. - Center Tryptich

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This is how A-D-D works sometimes: Was recharting Reseda and noticed some the smaller doilies in Mallins Handarbeitslehrbuch 404. They’re not suitable for baby blankets because they have large holes around the center (not good for little fingers to get stuck in). So then I thought earrings on Size 000000 needles and Size 80 thread, to which you might respond, “Yeah, right”. Then I noticed Leberblumchen and so all the small holey doilies have turned into holiday decorations! So am starting with a Leberblumchen because it can be used as a holiday wreath, and the smaller ones in the coming weeks, in part because a tablecloth keeps trying to sneak in among the tree ornaments; perhaps it can become a tree skirt…

Back to Leberblumchen: Besides being a neglected Niebling, I’ve always adored this pattern despite that it is not necessarily typical of Niebling’s style, but it is, to me at least, iconic of knitted lace doilies, perhaps because of the sort of Shetland elements… In addition, THIS DOILY BEGS TO BE PAINTED!!! I don’t even want to try (not even in Photoshop) because I would never settle on which combination of gold and red and green to use. You however are strongly encouraged to experiment and send pics; I’ll just stick with knitting it once more but in gold yarn.

The doily shown in the slideshow above contains two minor variations from the original instructions; On Rounds 5 and 7, the “yo and on next round work knit 1, purl 1” was instead worked as yo twice (the symbol in the original chart and in my rechart is a circle enclosing the numeral 2). The substitution was done unintentionally (was rushing after one false start in silk and hemp yarn that turned out to be too uneven) but the result looks nicer (to me at least) than the original instructions because the lace is more open. Finally, someone on Ravelry knitted this pattern and made notes about possible errors. However, I could not find any errors in either of the original charts that I found, and the stitch counts check out.

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Dutch Niebling II - Original Photo

This pattern is from an unknown publication written out in Dutch, which made recharting it even more fun… ;-)

Though not very visible in the above photo, the pattern requires working several “nupps”. The nupps are worked as follows:

“In same stitch: (Knit 1, purl 1) twice, knit 1;
on next round slip 3 together knitwise, knit 2 together,
pass 3 slipped stitches over.”

Number of Rounds: 201
Dimension: Approx. 49″ (1.25 m) square
Materials Required: 350 g Rayon crochet thread, knitting needles US Size 1 (2.25 mm)

Price: USD 8.00

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This is the latest pattern to jump the line of the several patterns in progress… plus (one of) my dog(s) ate my only copy of the original chart!!!! Fortunately the section that was consumed/mangled was an exact mirror image of the section that wasn’t, so ultimately no real problem resulted.

Note that “k1-tbl, p2” is used massively — on both pattern and alternate rounds; there are hardly any plain knit stitches on any of the rounds. Rosenblatt (see left sidebar under Erikas 80) is the only other similar pattern.

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Year after year, and try as I might, I never have all my planned lace knitting Holiday projects/patterns completed in time! Intended recipients often end up getting something I knitted much earlier in the year! ;-) So, instead, for now, am having a sale — which ends New Year’s Day at midnight (Eastern Daylight Savings Time). (Don’t forget to use the Add to Car button instead of the Buy Now button). I sent a pattern to a test knitter, but am test knitting some others but not yet finished. For purchase info, click on the pattern names on the left sidebar.


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