Erikas 601 – Model E – Squared – Before Adding I-cord edges and blocking
Wet… stretches surprisingly

Blocked by tossing in dryer… doesn’t spread out in some places, like lower edge

The pattern is an adaptation of Erikas Handarbeiten 601 – Model E, but squared. The only seams are at the armholes where the slope begins = three needle bind off. The charted part is done (written instructions will be included). Just need to figure out how to block it evenly and then find a human model…

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Blast From The Past (2007)!

The below pattern is based on the Erikas 601 Model F, but was not putblished because the slip stitch crochet along the front inner edges was too tight such that the two front inner edges below the bust puckered (straightened with pins in the below photo). Also, not shown in the photo are the two buttonholes along the left center edge, though no buttons were ever added. Later I learned to use i-cord for the edges insstead, used on the Lyra Adaption that I actually knitted (here). So will reknit the below pattern (and perhaps the additional adaptations that didn’t have the puckering problem and are shown in one of the first posts of this blog). Stay tuned!

The yarn in a worsted weight tubular cotton jersey that was custom made and no longer available. However, there are some cotton tape yarns now available, but like the cotton jersey, will require fabric glue to prevent the cut ends from unraveling.

Happy Spring Knitting All!

Halcón (Falcon) – Model 19 from Labores Beyer Número de Jubileo 25
Central Square – See Below for What Happens Next

Even though I haven’t decided on an adaptation, which might take awhile because I keep getting distracted by other patterns, the above pattern can be purchased by clicking here.

Was trying out a shawl with adjacent extensions for front
Plain wings was monotonous knitting so…
Might make a nice dress – Will see…

This pattern was named “Dutch Niebing I” because I recharted it in 2011! Life went sideways around that time such that I won’t even try to recall why the publication was put on hold. AND THUS, MY PROFUSE APOLOGIES TO ROCHELLE RIBEIRO, who test knitted the doily in the above photos. Since 2011, I haven’t been able to determine the original publisher (the pattern is not on Ravelry), but I did find it, and Les Anemones, at an auction on eBay, in two apparently separate magazines (shown in the photo below). I only downloaded the photo, since the auction had long ended (the photo is dated 2008), and no publisher information was in the description, but the photo does reveal that both magazines are in French rather than Dutch. Finally, I discovered this pattern because I was planning to rechart two more “Dutch Niebling”s, so stay tuned!

Photo from 2008 eBay Auction

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Forgot to mention: The second pattern in the eBay auction photo is called “Les Anemones” and is from Femmes d’Aujourd’hui. For purchase Info Click Here.

Beyer Strickschrift 70660/15 – Theodora

Can’t think of another Niebling that has so many small “buds” (knit 7 together) but at least they’re not nupps! ;-)

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Doily In Photo Knitted By RavelryID Ulla777

The basketweave mesh in this medium size pattern is quite lovely. For Purchase Info click on the photo.

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Dutch Niebling IV


“Maria” – Variation Added

Variation: “Grand Napperon Rond”
Published around 1931 in Votre Mode Numéro Spécial Trimestriel – Tricots d’Art – Auguilles et Crochet – Model Nr. 21
Published around 1934 in Beyer Band 288: Kunststricken Große und kleine Decken, Spitzen und Einsätze

Since the only difference between the above two patterns is the border, the first 151 rounds of Maria were copied to the Variation. The Variation border consists of 6 rounds of stockinette (with 8 single decreases per round), and finally 6 pattern rounds, for a total of 169 rounds. Thus, the Variation contains 74 fewer rounds than the 243 rounds of Maria! In recharting it, was thinking it might make a relatively quick to knit and very lovely shawl.

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Single Strand Lace Patterns: Two New (With Funny Names) + Three Previous Offerings

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The Blattspinne name is based upon an actual spider that looks like a leaf! The Helenium is a family of plants, the generic term refers to a plant that was used to actuall stop sneezing due to allergies. Note: All of the rounds in these patterns are pattern rounds, rather than having alternate all knit rounds.

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Will be adding photos of finished items throughout the month. They will all eventually be moved to a Gallery!

Gallery Of Finished Cloths From Customers And Test Knitters


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