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So many patterns… and yarns, so little time. Got sidetracked from my current project by the two patterns below, Julia and Grace.

Julia with crochet chain loops

Julia with crochet chain loops

For details Click Here.

The Julia above was knitted by me in a very uneven 14/2’s linen. Below is the photo from the original instructions.

Julia - Original PhotoOriginal Photo of Julia

I also knitted Julia with an I-cord bind-off, but it came out really uneven because of the unevenness of the yarn.

Julia with I-cord

The pattern below, Grace, was knitted with Size 50 yarn.

For details Click Here.

Finally, the Meyers 136-38 (Simple Oval) shown below distracted me because it wanted me to knit it in color (which I didn’t because I couldn’t choose a scheme). It let me know later than it would like to be a lamp shade or flower basket.

There might be one more pattern by the Austrian publisher, but I will try to return to the previous project… which is already evolving into a bunch of other things… Stay tuned.


Meyers Sonderheft 136 Model 38 Oval Doily - Size 20 Thread

Meyers Sonderheft 136 Model 38 Oval Doily – Size 20 Thread

Meyers 138-38 - Size 10 Thread

Meyers 138-38 – Size 10 Thread

Not sure why this pattern talked me into making it — twice. A photo was in my Flickr album, and someone asked me for the pattern. So I went back to look at and discovered that the instructions were a headache in that they called for using 11 markers, one for almost each pattern repeat of the border. There was also an error in the stitch count for the border… blah, blah, blah. The one thing that the pattern taught me is to never again underestimate how long it takes to add a three leaf border to a pattern, that is compared to the oval center. The final item of slight interest is that the original instructions call for knitting the doily without ever breaking the thread except at the very end. But I don’t like that method because it calls for an incomplete pickup round (explained in the pattern), so I changed it in the instructions, and added the original method on a separate page.

Am hoping to come up with much more interesting small patterns soon, and also to getting around to adding some more pattern in German. Meanwhile, for pattern details Click Here.


Vor einiger Zeit ein Kunde bat um deutsche Sprachversionen von einigen meiner Mustern. Ich war nicht in der Lage, zu übersetzen, so viel sie möchten, aber ich habe zu übersetzen die, die unten. Die deutsche Sprachmuster sind auf der gleichen Seite wie die englischsprachigen Versionen. Beachten Sie, dass ich kein Deutsch sprechen sehr gut, mit Ausnahme von Strickanleitung!

[Some time ago a customer asked for German language versions of some of my patterns. I was not able to translate as many as she’d like, but I did translate the ones below. The German language patterns are on the same page as the English language versions. Note that I do not speak German very well, except for knitting instructions! ;-)]

Sofort verfügbar [Available now]:

Erhältlich in einem Tag oder so. [Available soon]:

  • Pomegranate
  • Roswitha
  • Schwertlilie – Dieses Muster wurde nicht getestet
  • Tulpenstrauss
  • Meyers Sonderheft 136-38


(This time the pdfs really are uploaded to e-junkie.)

Would really love to see one of these hats done in bison or qiviut (since they require so little yarn).

Lace Diamond Sampler Hats - Cover of Pattern InstructionsLace Diamond Sampler Hats – See Pattern Page for Slideshow

Below are links to the pattern page, and to two websites for yarn:

Lace Diamond Sampler Hats

Bison and Silk yarns at thebuffalowollco.com

Qiviut Yarns at Windy Valley Musk Ox

Looking forward to seeing something in one of these yarns, plus beads!


Large Oval Doily In Knitted Lace – Designed By Herbert Niebling
(Beyer Strickschrift 71225-VIII)

Knitted By Betty Eng

Knitted By Betty Eng

The photo above is from the test knitter, and is included in the instructions. For Materials Required and Purchase info, Click Here. A black and white version of Betty’s photo was used to minimize size of the PDF. Happily, below are photos recently sent by Olga K from Russia. Olga’s cloth is 205 by 160 cm; Betty’s is 88 x 174 inches:

Olga K - Eleonore 1.jpg

Olga K - Eleonore 2.jpg

Olga K - Eleonore 3.jpg

Olga K - Eleonore 4.jpg

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Am in the process of trying to figure out how to develop and market several lace knitting designs that fall into five categories. I will need lots of test knitters in order to try the designs in different yarns. If you can keep them a secret, I will email you a link to my flickr album where you can see almost all of the “virtual” designs, that is, the items are photos that have been manipulated in Photoshop to look like either a dress, sweater or top (and later, shawls). If interested in participating in the private test knitting, or just commenting on the designs, email me at “doilyhead@yahoo.com”.




For those who don’t have a PayPal account, email me a list of the patterns you’d like. The next day I will send you a PayPal invoice (with the 30% discount applied); the invoice can be paid with either a debit or credit card; no PayPal account required.



Georgine - Single- and Multi- Color 2
Doily In Above Photo Knitted By Glenda Hunt

PDF Content: English language instruction text and pattern in both charted and written form.
(Note: The US Letter Size PDF also contains a one-page chart for legal size paper — for those with good eyesight, although I used that chart too but on letter size paper!)
Number of Rounds: 113
Diameter: 24 in (60 cm)
Materials Required: 75 g (600 yds) Size 20 crochet thread; knitting needles US Size 0 (2.00 mm); cable needle.

For purchase info Click Here.

The rounds in the photo on which the colors are changed are Rounds 34 and 97; the crochet chain edge can also be done in a different color. I will also put the color change rounds in an update of the pattern sometime next week.

Also note that the center is textured instead of plain stockinette. However, the increases and decreases that form the texture cause the knitting to be somewhat tedious and slow going, but IMHO, it’s well worth it.


Round Doily In Knitted Lace By Herbert Niebling

Dahlie - Elsa 3301Knitted By Franciska Ruessink

The pattern is 81 rounds; and my test knitter is very fast, so you’ll have to take your chances in terms of finishing before the big day… I’ll spare you the details of why I did not publish Dahlie sooner, except to say I’m knitting another slightly larger doily myself, and thought I’d be finished by now… but when I do finish, I’ll explain why it took longer than I thought it would.

Note that Niebling used the name "Dahlie" at least three times! The instructions for this doily were published in 1952; a completely different pattern appears in Burda Special E 903. The third pattern will be revealed with the photos of the adaptation that I made from it… (tease… tease… Remind me to put a link to the photos here when I place the photos on their own page).

For Purchase Info Page CLICK HERE.

Happy Knitting!



Am still very much backlogged, but managed to squeeze this project in (among two others). Osnat did a wonderful job knitting it as a shawl, the yarn amount was 1456 yds (1337 meters), but I forgot to ask for the needle size, so that will come later.

Quadratische Decke 4 - NewDesign In Above Photo Knitted As Shawl By Osnat Masok

Quadratische Decke 5 - On Piano

PDF Content: English translation instruction text, pattern in both charted and written form.


  • Square Doily = 20.8″ (52 cm)
  • Rectangular Doily = 26 x 54″ (65 x 135 cm)

Materials Required:

  • Square Doily = 40 grams crochet thread Size 60, knitting needles US Size 3‑0 (1.5 mm)
  • Rectangular = 90 grams crochet thread Size 40, knitting needles same as above.

Number of Rounds Square Doily: 152 (118 for Center + 34 for Border)

Price: USD 7.50

For purchase page Click Here.

Continued Happy Knitting!



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