“Maria” – Variation Added

Variation: “Grand Napperon Rond”
Published around 1931 in Votre Mode Numéro Spécial Trimestriel – Tricots d’Art – Auguilles et Crochet – Model Nr. 21
Published around 1934 in Beyer Band 288: Kunststricken Große und kleine Decken, Spitzen und Einsätze

Since the only difference between the above two patterns is the border, the first 151 rounds of Maria were copied to the Variation. The Variation border consists of 6 rounds of stockinette (with 8 single decreases per round), and finally 6 pattern rounds, for a total of 169 rounds. Thus, the Variation contains 74 fewer rounds than the 243 rounds of Maria! In recharting it, was thinking it might make a relatively quick to knit and very lovely shawl.

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Single Strand Lace Patterns: Two New (With Funny Names) + Three Previous Offerings

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The Blattspinne name is based upon an actual spider that looks like a leaf! The Helenium is a family of plants, the generic term refers to a plant that was used to actuall stop sneezing due to allergies. Note: All of the rounds in these patterns are pattern rounds, rather than having alternate all knit rounds.

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Gallery Of Finished Cloths From Customers And Test Knitters

Federblute – Knitted By Ravelry ID Ulla777
Federblute – Closeup of Center

The photo above right shows the ground of the design in more detail. The mesh is made by working multiple repeats of the following starting with “knit 1 through back loop in running thread”, “in same stitch, knit 1, purl 1”, “knit 1 through back loop, yarn over twice, knit 1 through back loop”, “slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over, yarn over twice, knit 2 together”; alternate rounds are knit plain except in double yarn overs knit 1, purl 1. The person who knitted the cloth in the photos said she really enjoyed knitting it, and in fact, knitted it twice!

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Doily Knitted in 2004 by Doris Gibbons – 1936-2006

I recharted this pattern in 2004 but somehow forgot to add it to this blog. I was reminded when someone asked me about it. Since it is six-sided, I may try to make a Manifold Cardigan out of it, after the current backlog of projects! ;-)

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Beyer Strickschrfit 70635/16 – “Herbstblume” (“Fall Flower”)

Another Niebling with “basketweave” mesh, recharted using two versions of the original charts: the Beyer chart from 1959 and the Burda Special E 418 chart from 1996. There were minor errors in both charts! There was also one semi-significant difference on Round 191: after the first three stitches, the original (Beyer) version reads “p7, k21, p7, k5tog, p7, k21, p7” but is replaced in the Burda version with just “p35, k5tog, p35”. Don’t know which to suggest, so I included both. Finally, “purl 1 through back loop – in running thread” looks to be a bit of a challenge (there are quite a few of them, but only spread across 8 pattern rounds). Since I haven’t tried the stitch yet, am guessing it will help to rotate the left needle towards the body to make it easier to get to the back strand of the stitch. Will post if it doesn’t help, and feel free to comment with advice.

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Doily in Photo Knitted by RavelryID Ulla

The issue of Neue Mode Kunststricken is not the most interesting, though there are some nice borders not seen elsewhere. But decided to rechart this one (“Kastanienblatt” means “Chestnut Leaf”) after seeing a much nicer photo than the one in the original publication. Also, below is a triptych I made in order to show the twisted stitches forming the inner blossoms of the design; haven’t seen it anywhere else.

Playing around in Photoshop. Note the twist stitch texture on the blossom

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Cover – Model 57 is my Photoshop Reconstruction

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Knitted by RavelryID Ulla777

Unlike most of Niebling’s oval doilies, this one is knitted in one piece, that is, there are no extensions added at opposite sides of the center. Also, if the center is worked in two separate halves and then joined where the first center leaves end, it might make a nice poncho, or sleeves could be added at the sides extending from the second set of leaves! ;-)

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Photoshopped eye-candy below:

Knitted by RavelryID Ulla777 – Colorized
Knitted by RavelryID Ulla777 – Inverted


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