Square Doily In Knitted Lace

The original instructions for this pattern call for thread Size 120 and needles U.S. Size 5-0 (that’s 5 zeros or metric 1.00); the dimensions are not given. However, based on another square pattern with almost the same number of rounds (100 compared to this one which is 107; and same original needle size and thread) am guessing that it would measure approx 10 inches on each side. However, for a baby blanket, am trying to decide between Size 10 crochet thread and worsted weight cotton. When I decide, will post pics with dimensions.

In the meantime, the pattern (in both charted and written form) can be purchased by sending an email to me at “doilyhead@yahoo.com”, I will then send you a PayPal invoice for USD 6.00. Upon receipt of payment, I will email you the pdf.