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There’s a few more things to be added, like “Joy”, “Dutch Niebling I”, “French Niebling”, “Herfst Fantasie”, the A4 paper sizes for the Erikas booklets. Meanwhile, to see what I’m referring to, you can wander among the sets at:

My Sets On Flickr

But will be off line tomorrow celebrating family birthdays (mine, a brother, two nephews… so comments will be responded to on Sunday… or Monday — not too sure how “partied out” I’ll be).

Am surprised to say I can’t wait to get back to charting… but actually, I’ll be working on something much more interesting. In fact, am being a bit wicked by intentionally drumming up suspense… slowly… Actually, am not done with the Erikas… forgot that the German language and English language in A4 paper size need to be added… Oh well… “I’ll think about that tomorrow”….


Hopefully, later today will be able to upload the 16 patterns included in the two booklets. Off to get some sleep. Oh, also today, I added links to 3 blogs… enjoy…

Welcome to my new blog.  Am not sure how often I’ll post… sort of prefer pictures…Check out these first ones, and… Stay Tuned. Am sleep deprived and will continue adding pages of doily patterns tomorrow.


Herbert Niebling Adaptations Yahoo Group

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