Just a quick note to let y’all in on the joys of ADD…

Which is aggravated by the fact that the store, from which I was going to purchase the Size 4 needles for the blanket, moved and won’t re-open for business for a few more days.

On the bright side (pun intended, you’ll see) the sugar cane yarn arrived and the color is called “banana”, a rather warm yellow. However, am curious to see how it behaves when hand washed… (forgot to look up reviews…)


Also got sidetracked with a Niebling oval doily that I’ve looked at it for years thinking that its border would be wonderful for a wedding dress…

Fig. 35

but then, fooling around on Ravelry, I discovered the “puzzle/Tantric” sweater.

Tantric Puzzle Top – Original Pattern

Tantric Puzzle Top – Lacy Version (Wish it was shown being worn)

Hope to finish charting the oval doily tonite… wish I had ordered the needles on line…trying to resist using Size 5’s because the sugar cane is noticeably thicker than the 14/4 linen I used for the group cover blanket…