(Deciding to change the background color from black to brown ended up being more of a problem than anticipated due to the difference between what was on my camera screen and what appeared on my laptop screen when taking the photos at night. For the written form, the atypical page layout will also be a challenge.)

The modifications for the single medallion as well as the for the rectangle involve relatively unusual stitches: The first one is a two round nupp that might be a problem for novice dpn knitters and may be omitted or substituted with a bead. The second stitch is a right twist decrease one that is used to close the top of the leaves at the corners. This is an alternative to sk2p because its 2 resulting stitches are used to enclose the 2 yarnovers at the corners (which are actually not made by working 2 yarnovers but rather by working k1, k1-tbl in the running thread – see next sentence). The third stitch, k1-tbl in running thread, is used at the corners and to start the selvedge of the extensions. Finally there is a k5tog at the tip of the corner extensions and at the center of outer edge of the side extensions.

These stitches can be used to convert many circular doilies into squares, as will be demonstrated with the next medallion in the series. That medallion was a circular minimization of the Erika’s 601 baby blanket square. Picture to come.

Also to come are the numerous adaptations that can be made with the medallion. Won’t say yet because it’s so hard to choose!

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