“Maria” – Variation Added

Variation: “Grand Napperon Rond”
Published around 1931 in Votre Mode Numéro Spécial Trimestriel – Tricots d’Art – Auguilles et Crochet – Model Nr. 21
Published around 1934 in Beyer Band 288: Kunststricken Große und kleine Decken, Spitzen und Einsätze

Since the only difference between the above two patterns is the border, the first 151 rounds of Maria were copied to the Variation. The Variation border consists of 6 rounds of stockinette (with 8 single decreases per round), and finally 6 pattern rounds, for a total of 169 rounds. Thus, the Variation contains 74 fewer rounds than the 243 rounds of Maria! In recharting it, was thinking it might make a relatively quick to knit and very lovely shawl.

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